Tuesday, July 13

Time flies

It's already time for my 3rd set of goals for the 15-week period from 7/7/10 to 10/20/10. I've learned that small goals really do work. And that it's important to state goals that are actually what I want to achieve rather than what I think I should do.

So, here are my new goals:

  • Physical: Visit the "Y" 3 times a week, doing what the trainer's plan says to do but no more (unless I feel like it). I'm loving working out, feeling my body again from the neck down, and am settling into a routine so that less effort is being spent on getting there.

  • Social: Renew my personal style by adding something new to my wardrobe each week, even if it's just a bracelet, so that I feel like going out and doing things. This is more about living in my entire body not just being aware of myself from the neck up. This week I added a nearly clear yet peachy nail polish.

  • Emotional: Just do it, 3 times a week. Meaning take immediate action when I think of something rather than putting it off and over thinking. As an example, when I realized I had a conflict for the time I'd made a doctor's appointment, I just called up and requested another time. That was so refreshing, so much easier than fretting over which of the two appointments to change, or waiting until the last minute and coming up with a story to explain a cancelled appointment (not that I would ever do such a thing, you understand).

  • Intellectual: Try something that I wouldn't typically do, 2 times a week to get more out of my comfort zone. For one thing, I'm downloading some classical music for my iPod as an alternative to classic rock and country. For the 2nd thing this week, I haven't a clue. I definitely like my comfort zone but I do understand that the point is to enlarge it. Not enter a zone of discomfort, necessarily, but find new things that become comfortable.

  • Spiritual: Make my house a home again, a place for flourishing, by taking steps 2 times a week to refresh a particular area (a place to sew, a place to cook, a place to reflect, a place to sleep, a place to paint, etc.).

Should be fun!

You know, this process is reminding me of something that I used to say to younger people who were hesitating over going to night school. I'd say that the time will pass anyway so the question is what do you want to have at the end of the time period. This may sound weird but I'm so grateful to myself that at the end of these 30 weeks I'm not still just thinking about changing.

Interesting thoughts for the week before I turn 60, yes? I guess I've finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up: me!