Tuesday, May 10


I've been checking out photos of trees, trying to decide what kind of tree to plant in the front yard in the place where my golden rain tree used to be. I think I'll get either a mimosa, a river birch, or another golden rain tree. But, in the process of looking, I came across this photo that reminded me of my favorite tree on the farm where I grew up.

It was a solitary oak in the fenceline between two terraced fields of wheat. It was older and larger than the one in this photo but you get the idea. I'd lie down in its shade with my dog and tell the dog and the tree all of my little girl troubles. Loved that tree.

It's no longer standing there, of course, but I think of it when I see a beautiful tree standing alone. It was the first tree that I fell in love with. And then I loved my golden rain tree. It's been gone now about five years. Guess I'm ready to try another one.

Thursday, May 5

Mother's Day

This photo reminds me of my mom, of all the days when we'd work in the yard together. She'd plant gladioli bulbs or thin out the iris beds, and I'd plant nasturtium and marigold seeds. And listen to my mom talking about growing up, meeting my dad, and working in Philadelphia while she waited for him to return from WWII. So my plan for Sunday is to work out in the yard, pull some weeds, trim edging, and make a place for nasturium to grow...