Saturday, May 22

New Growth

This is my favorite time of year. And this is my favorite year. I just realized that is so.

I've been so busy. There's something about being busy that makes a person get even more busy. And the frame of the day expands to hold it all.

Well, that's not exactly what I mean. It's the opposite of being closed off, where one activity can expand to fill the entire day. But busy I have been:
  • Took my young friend (the one that I'm mentoring -- I'll call her Shara since the benefits flow both ways) to two restaurants for dinner, helping her to get comfortable with more formal restaurants, menus and the like, than fast food restaurants so that she's prepared for job interviews

  • In the process of getting to know Shara, I've also expanded my sense of self-forgiveness by highlighting all the mistakes I've made in my life from the perspective of how it's ok, not just ok, it's that learning from mistakes is actually what life is all about

  • Refrained from making an issue of a conversation I overheard at work which I thought meant disaster for me only to learn later that the conversation was not actually about me

  • Recommended (rather than asked for -- a distinction that's making all the difference) a new project for myself (designing the wellness component of our new medical benefit plan) which will stimulate my thinking and also support my personal wellness goals

  • Surprised myself by getting initial loan approval (testament to my 18-month focus on not purchasing stuff) to refinance my house which, of course, means I must refresh the house really quickly for the appraisal (is it really possible to paint the exterior, get new carpeting and a new roof in a week??? ok, rhetorical question)

  • Explored new ways of nurturing my spirit by spending a few hours at Spirtuality and Practice learning small steps to take, including #1 sleep and #2 take a day off each week to relax and enjoy an ordinary day

  • Requested three books from the library that were listed on that Web site, including one (On Women Turning 70 by Cathleen Rountree) of interviews with 16 women who are living life fearlessly -- since I'll turn 60 in a couple months, am thinking it can't hurt to jump to the head of the class -- and they're ready to pick up already

  • Skipped Weight Watchers for two weeks (I guess losing 4 lbs in one week was scary) but finding upon my return that instead of gaining I'd lost another 1/2 lb

  • Planted five pots of flowers (white, pink, and red caladiums with purple petunias) for the entries to my house

  • Had a good conversation with my exGuy, current GuyFriend, carving out a different place for him in my heart

  • Made plans with my best girlfriend in town to see another friend's paintings that are showing this afternoon at an art fair

  • Agreed to go to NYC on business Monday because it's good for me to be present at that meeting not because I have any clothes for such a trip (yaaaay Shopping!)

  • Paused just now to proofread and wonder at how I am energized rather than exhausted but there you have it, my new truth: if you feel tired but haven't been, you know, doing much of anything? Get busy.
I must run but will leave you with my favorite blessing:

May the evening find you at peace with your day.


Betty said...

Oh, I love that blessing! Thank you for that.

You've been indeed active, in so many positive ways. And congrats on the loan approval! I took out a second mortgage on my house (because I thought I was going to get to buy the Victorian of my dreams- long story) and I wanted to mention that the bank just did a drive-by appraisal. The appraiser never entered the house. The most important factor is actually whether or not there are foreclosures nearby, according to local appraisers.

Your post reminds me of a saying I used to be baffled by but now understand: "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it."


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blessing, thank you, came at the perfect time.

So many positive changes in your life, changes that you are making on your own. It seems like you are more at peace with the way things are going and taking things as they come. That is a beautiful thing. I like that you seem to be putting yourself first and are taking care of yourself. Keep it up, it does take a lot of practice.
I hope NYC turns out to be a wonderful trip.

Barrie said...

You are busy! But you sound very happy too. And I love that blessing as well.

Diana said...

Lots of things going on for you Mary Ann! Thats good. I do like that idea of taking a day off a week. Something that I need to do to! Good to hear how things are going for you!
Love Di ♥

Onedia said...

loved reading invigorating when new habits and growth seem to pile up as we make steps in the directions we wish to go.

Librarian Lee said...

I loved reading this post - I could feel the sweetness of your days. it sounds very busy, and very fulfilling and growing and stretching. Thank you for the blessing.

hillgrandmom said...

It is inspiring to read all that you are doing. Thank you for the blessing.

Barrie said...

Just checking in and hoping you're doing well.