Sunday, June 27

A meditation story

Ok, so I am fine but have been super busy fitting achievement of all of my weekly goals on top of things that have to be done that are not goal-related. Funny how much time we spend on things not related to goals!

The best thing is that I have reconnected with Vee, an out-of-town gal friend. We had gradually grown away from each other while I was focusing (well, watching from a distance) on my falling-down life. But we picked up from where we'd left off as if it had been only a week or two. Love the way that can happen. Timeless friendships.

Have been to the Y every other night for two weeks! So proud of myself. In a good way. Haha. I signed up for a free (once-per-membership) 12-week program with a personal trainer…you get 4 meetings w/ the trainer over the 12-week period. The trainer that I drew out of the hat is a woman over 55, really nice woman. Told me to go slow and to NOT do more than she says to do so that I will keep it up rather than drop out. Instructions like that I can follow.

I work out in the back exercise room for people who like quiet exercise without tv, music, or chatter. Sometimes it’s just me and one other person or no one or at the most two other people. Love it.

Anyway, I told you that so that this meditation story will make sense. I got up early yesterday so that I could get to the Y and back and still get the garage shampooed before lunch. Looking for a nice quiet morning. Walked in the room to work out and this woman I’ve never seen before said, “HI!! How are you today” while walking on the treadmill. I said, “Ok, how are you.” And she says, “Well, I would be a lot better but I’m going thru a divorce and have been fighting with my husband since January over who gets the kids and now (pauses to wipe sweat) I finally got him to agree and the kids want to stay with him but what do they know. Not to mention the guy I’m dating is pissed off that I’m working out because he asked me if I’m losing weight for him and I said 'no I’m losing weight so that I can meet a new guy after you screw up' and he didn’t think that was funny but I do* and my sister hates me because now she’s a size 18 and I’m a size 16 which is smaller, I don’t know if you know that, but it is, and I’m proud of it but my mother is mad because I have hurt my sister’s feelings.” So I said, “Oh um nice to meet you but I can’t talk and exercise at the same time. No breath, you know.” Thinking she would hush. But she didn’t. Talked non-stop while I said nothing except “oh” when she’d pause to wipe sweat off her face. Finally, I just closed my eyes and focused on breathing in and out. And after awhile her voice faded away. That’s my meditation story.

The good thing is that my friend Kathy noted that I now have a new BFF. Geeez. What if she's right??

I hope you're having a lovely weekend! Take care until we catch up again.

*Must admit. That is funny.


Teresa said...

Lol! Sometimes God puts people on our life pat journey for a purpose...don't laugh yet, perhaps she may just end up being your new BFF : )

She really needed to talk, and you least she thought so.

(((HUGS))) T

Lynilu said...

Isn't it funny how some people just sort of explode like that? It's good that you listened, sorta!

I'm envious of your ability to remain dedicated for the two weeks. Keep it up!

Lynilu said...

Just as I was clicking out of your blog, I noted the humorous contrast between your blog title and this story!!

Diana said...

I like what Lyn said about the blog title!
Well I was just thinking about joining the Y. I don't know what I would do if that happened to me! LOL!
Maybe you should go at a different time! Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

You must be the type of person that people just feel safe and comfortable around you. She needed someone to listen and you probably helped her more than you know. So much for you meditative morning, but perhaps that was a greater purpose taking place at that time. It was kind of you to listen.

I'm glad you reconnected with your old friend. I have a few friendships like that and I love when we reconnect. It is like we were never apart. They replenish us and bring us such joy. You deserve a friend like that.

Hope the rest of your summer goes well.