Thursday, March 18

Fun can

I'm having a good time this week.
  • My iris in the front yard are starting to show signs of buds so it reminded me to get ready for spring planting. Bought a bunch of seed packets for flowers in the backyard beds. Seeds are the only way to go with two puppies (ok, 80 lb doggies) skampering around. Soon as we're past the snow-risk time, the seeds are going in the ground. Can't wait to smell the mulch. Dig in the dirt.

  • I fell for an iPod Nano (purple, of course!) and so have been listening to music while I draft papers and work out. Love music and listening with half an ear to familiar tunes while engrossed in other things. Am planning to load my CDs this weekend and also get a speaker thingie to go with it at home. aren't just for kids/guys.

  • Speaking of toys, I went to the dentist yesterday for my 6-month cleaning. No, the dentist is nice but not a toy. I'd bought an electric toothbrush a day or so after the last cleaning and because of that, this cleaning was a breeze. In and out in no time. For some reason, I'd always thought that electric toothbrushes were toys, an extravagance. Who knew they have a legitimate purpose supporting good health? Well, you, most likely since I seem to be the last to know.

  • After finding a new primary care doctor and getting a variety of tests run, I got some good results. Still pending results of a stress test but received good marks on cholesterol and a bunch of other factors. Have some work to do (exercising) to avoid hypertension and getting any closer to having a problem with type 2 diabetes. But it could be a whole lot worse considering that it's been nearly a dozen years since I saw a doctor other than a GYN. There's something invigorating about tackling all of that, getting it done, and getting the information.

  • Tomorrow at lunch I meet with a volunteer organizer and a young lady they're matching me with under a mentor program. I don't know much more than that but can't wait to meet her and come up with a plan, think of things to do.

  • Today I started drafting my second set of 15-week goals, mini-goals, pondering various possibilities from the standpoint of how do I want my life to change over the next 15 weeks. Because I can see now that I can change my life, a few small steps at a time.

Fun times in a calm, um, dare I say serene definition of "fun." Am excited about what may be over the horizon.

How about you? Have you had an interesting week?



Swishy said...

I am LOVING your list! Do you realize how many awesome things you're doing and how hopeful and exciting it all is? You sound like you are in such a great place ... I love that. I really do. You are so inspiring!

Diana said...

It really sounds like you are discovering a whole new life Mary Ann! You've had fun, good news and new plans. What more can one ask for?
I am happy for you!
Love Di ♥

Lynilu said...

I'm enjoying the tone of your blog. It is nice to hear a gentle, calm, and light note to your writing. I'm so happy to hear it and to know that you are moving forward. Enjoy a bright future, Mary Ann. :)

hillgrandmom said...

Your week sounds like a purposeful, one & very positive. I look at your list and think maybe I should try mini-goals too.

Sherry said...

You are having fun -- pure fun, fun that means something to you...doesn't get better than that!! xo

M said...

Spring is coming around here too (Montreal). Although we can't complain, it was an easy winter. It's still nice though to "feel" the signs of spring. The milder wind. The warm sun. The smell of dog poop. It's all good!

B.S. said...

I am trying to get caught up on my blog reading after being really busy with work lately. I'm thrilled to see how well you're doing! I haven't been to a doctor in ages myself, so I know what a big deal it was for you to tackle that issue.

I really like your idea of mini goals. I think that might work for me too. I'm going to think of a few mini goals right now!


Jane said...

Have you checked out I love writing lists and it's a perfect place for me to organize a zillion things. A few years ago I did a brief stint working at a dental office where I bought an electric toothbrush with a remote timer. I got it at cost and I love mine!