Wednesday, March 3


The thing I love most about spring: the bright yellow daffodils and, um, Rubbermaid mop buckets. You're thinking I've lost it, right?

In my quest to become more active and social, I've started participating in activities that present themselves to me as opposed to reading about them and thinking, "Wish I had the time." Thing is, I have the time. The time is steady. The thing that changes is what I do with it.

Because I work at a faith-based health organization, there are a lot of discussions about spirituality, wellness, etc. that I've usually avoided but am now finding are full of thoughts that support me in the process of change. Such as this thought from a paper on servant-leadership from the Greenleaf Center:

James Hillman, in The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling, describes the "invisible source of personal consistency, for which I am using the word "habit," psychology today calls character. Character refers to deep structures of personality that are particularly resistant to change."
I tend to think of character as reflected in decisions of morality but expanding that view to include "habit" somehow elevates the mundane.

I've started paying more attention to the details of my life: laundry, dusting, polishing, vacuuming. Finding ways to enjoy doing them, whether it's listening to music, or adding new scents or polishes, or finding that bright yellow beauty (not being sarcastic, I love it!): a Rubbermaid mop bucket on wheels. With a bright blue mop that you wring out. And Green cleaner that smells just clean, nothing stronger than clean.

Somehow, spending just an hour puttering, cleaning, in one room or another each morning or night, makes me feel better. Cleaner rooms, refreshed thoughts, more productive habits, stronger character. I'm starting to see how all of those are linked.

I hope you enjoy your day!


Diana said...

Hi Mary Ann,
Cleaning has always been a form of therapy for me. Whenever I feel troubled, I usually put on some music and get into a new cleaning project. It just sort of lets my mind wonder at will. Something I will be doing today! It's great hearing you sound so contented! Love Di ♥

Sherry said...

Mary Ann you sound as bright and fresh and your bright yellow mop bucket!! :)

Lynilu said...

There is a correlation between the organization around us and the state of our minds. Feeling out of control inside is often reflected in the surroundings. I'm like you .... putting my environment in a state of freshness, looking and smelling nice, lifts my spirits. And I need to do that! My spirits are fine, but I've been lackadaisical and it is time to catch up on it so it doesn't catch up with me!

Happy cleaning!

debra said...

I often find that external clutter is a reflection on my internal clutter.

Swishy said...

You sound so great!

I cleaned on Saturday morning before work instead of running one of a million errands I had to do ... it was amazing how good it made me feel!

Librarian Lee said...

Your last comment really meant a lot to me........I sort of fell off the blogging planet and it was so nice to be missed. Thanks. I identify with your post today, cleaning rooms, really doing what I'm doing and somehow CLEAN means a lot. I'll post again soon - reading someone else speak words in my head inspires me to do so. Thank you - as always.

hillgrandmom said...

What a wonderful thought--Zen and the art of cleaning! Inspiring.